Ethical Eating, Virtue, and Obligation

by Daniel A. Kaufman

My conversation with Massimo Pigliucci on ethical eating and on the difference between virtue-theoretical and modern moral philosophical conceptions of obligation and duty.

Originally aired May 1, 2016, as part of the Sophia Program, for MeaningofLife.TV, a channel of the BloggingHeads.TV network.







3 responses to “Ethical Eating, Virtue, and Obligation”

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    A discussion that leads from the ethics of eating meat to the different flavors of Virtue Ethics.

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    Can you please provide me with your email address by sending it to me? I believe you still have my email address, and you can send it to my inbox.

  3. Björn Carlsten


    As I remarked on the MeaningofLife site, I really liked this dialogue. It’s amazing how much more productive and cordial face-to-face conversations are–digitally mediated though they be–in comparison to text-only exchanges. I think both of you were eminently reasonable, and I especially liked the concept you discussed about various values (be they moral, prudential, aesthetic, or whatever) constantly jockeying for influence. I wonder, where might I look if I were interested to explore this topic further?