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A Modest Critique of Quine’s Web of Belief


By Daniel Tippens Most of W.V.O Quine’s landmark essay, “Two Dogmas of Empiricism” is devoted to a critique of the analytic/synthetic distinction.  Quine defines an analytic statement as either a logical truth – “Bachelors are bachelors” – or a statement that can be turned into a logical truth by exchanging synonyms –“Bachelors are unmarried men.”  One of the features of […]

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by Daniel A. Kaufman What could the election of Donald Trump possibly have to do with the plight of academic philosophy?   Well, nothing … and everything. First, though, regarding philosophy’s plight.  We’re in trouble, but unfortunately, our leadership seems not to realize it.  Or if they do, they don’t care.  Or are too confused to know how to address it. […]

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Popper on Logic and Truth


by Mark English It is often said that the foundations of logic are the conventions that we (as users of logic) agree upon. I see problems with this view. For a start, the word ‘logic’ is used in different ways. It is often used to refer to formal logic and applications and developments thereof, but it is also used to […]

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Why Rational People End Up In Echo Chambers


By Daniel Tippens In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, many have been searching for explanations for his victory.  Some anti-Trumpers cite sexism or nation-wide xenophobia, a distaste for the establishment, and so on.  Some Trumpers point to a distaste for politically correct culture, dissatisfaction with the Obama administration’s economic policies, and Clinton’s email scandal. But one thing that has […]

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Donald Trump and Enoch Powell

NPG x171729; Enoch Powell

by Mark English Contributors to The Electric Agora have – not surprisingly – been giving their reactions to the result of US election. The other contributors are US citizens, so my perspective is different. No call for introspection or soul-searching. Certainly no cri de coeur. If I say, “He’s not my President,” it’s just a simple statement of fact. Moreover […]

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Anger is my Meat


by David Ottlinger I am writing on November 9th. Yesterday, I woke up genuinely happy. Early in the morning, I posted the Doors’ song “The End” on Facebook as a little joke. Come what may, we had reached it. This was the end, and I was happy to be there. My choice was more appropriate than I knew.  The song […]

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